Yara Reijrink

Creator and Designer

Hi! My name is Yara Reijrink. The creator and designer of YAÁRRE. From childhood it has been my dream to start up my own clothing brand. This became reality in 2018.

After a three month trip through New Zealand, I learned a lot and one thing about it was that you have to realize your dreams! That’s what I’ve done! Immediately after my trip I started with YAÁRRE. Of course it did not go smoothly, but the start was made after all.

YAARRE logo wit

To me, YAÁRRE stands for exclusivity and comfort. Exclusive by the number. Only a small number are made and each item is numbered. And comfort because the item fits wonderfully in my opinion and you can combine the item with everything. That way you still look beautiful!

I had a number of shirts printed and put them on myself. A lady asked me where the shirt came from because she liked it very much. No sooner said than done. This lady is now also wearing a YAÁRRE shirt. Afterwards more and more people bought an item from YAÁRRE and I felt very proud. Someone wore the designs I made!

Yara Reijrink

Yara Reijrink Designing

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